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Buy American Made Toy's

Christmas is not too far away and with that in mind, it is never too early to begin Christmas shopping for your kids or any kids in your family. The problem is most people do not think about where the toys they buy are made. It is important that every US citizen realize that we need to buy American made products. American made products are usually much better quality and it helps support your country. Let’s talk about some made in the USA toys that are sure to make the kids happy on Christmas morning.

Crayola has been around for more than 100 years and is the leading kids craft brand. Each crayon is made in Easton, PA and the company has a workforce of 1,200 people who dedicate their time in creating quality and safe crayons and craft supplies for children.

Kid Constructions is a company that started out creating structural corrugated displays. They have since turned into an expertise company in the world of children’s creative play. They have a line called “Wearables” and kids can construct different things such as planes, cars, bulldozers, etc. and they can then wear them and turn it into a whole different experience. Everything they make is proudly made with confidence in the USA.

K’nex is a popular toy line that makes creative blocks that allow children to use their imagination and create anything they want. Its products are sold in 30 different countries but everything they make is done so in the USA. K’nex is a wonderful gift for children because it expands their creativity and imagination.

Little Tikes brand has been around since the 1960s. They make a variety of different children’s toys and are mostly known for their Cozy Coupe car for toddlers. This cute car is powered by your little ones feet, so this is a wonderful way to get your kid to be active while they are having fun. Everything is made in a factory on Hudson, Ohio and they have always sold products made in the USA.

So this year when you are getting ready to do your kids Christmas shopping why not choose American made toys? You have nothing to lose and it will support our wonderful country that we are so proud to live in. Go USA!

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